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Architectural acoustics is the study of sound in homes and other buildings and the design of those structures for optimal acoustic performance, including control of sound transmission through the building, maintain conditions for good speech intelligibility and maintaining sound isolation for speech privacy. SoundEnv delivers tailored solutions to meet regulatory and building code requirements, subsequently improving the experience for residential, commercial and industrial spaces. We provide acoustical designs and guidance for residential and commercial spaces to increase acoustical comfort. We also provide guidance to achieve LEED acoustic credits. Our services in Architectural/Building Acoustics services include:

Exterior-Interior Façade Noise Assessment
Airborne Sound Attenuation between Building Elements (STC, NNIC, ASTC)
Floor Ceiling Sound Impact Insulation Test (AIIC, NISR, ISR)

Exterior-Interior Façade Noise Assessment

The exterior façade of a building is a key component that controls the exterior background noise inside the building. SoundENV provides design parameters of the exterior façade with assessing cumulative exterior noise due to road traffic, rail traffic and aircraft/helicopter flyover noise. In this assessment, SoundENV provides STC requirement for windows, doors and glass curtain walls as well as the exterior wall component to achieve interior noise levels.

Residential and Commercial Building Architectural Drawing Reviews

With reviewing Design Development and Construction document drawing sets, we provide required recommendations to make the space quite treating the interior noise and vibration paths. This service includes the recommendations for material selection of wall partition, floor, ceiling, interior doors, glass partitions etc., considering the sensitivity of the selected spaces, assessing of reverberation time (RT), room moods, and adjacency of the utility spaces etc. This service also includes site visits to guide the correct implementation of the recommendations.

Initial Designs for New Residential and Commercial Buildings

With reviewing Schematic Design drawings of new buildings, we provide initial acoustical recommendations for the exterior façade construction, interior noise and vibration control due to mechanical, plumbing and electrical sources as well as material selection to achieve RT and background noise (NC/RC) and vibration levels. In this service, we provide recommendations during each phase of construction up to the end of the project.

HVAC Analysis

HVAC noise and vibration make the quietness unpleasant of the interior spaces of the building. We carry out HVAC analysis according to the ASHRAE guidelines to achieve the recommended NC and RC criteria of interior spaces. We guide the developer to select low noise AHU, VAV, FC, diffuser units and silencers if required to control noise, and vibration isolation to control excess vibration. We also provide the recommendation to control exterior noise propagation to achieve regulatory requirements.

Airborne Sound Attenuation between Building Elements (STC, NNIC, ASTC)

We undertake Noise reduction /Transmission loss tests for building wall elements to assess STC, NNIC and ASTC levels according to ASTM and ISO standards.

Floor Ceiling Sound Impact Insulation Test (AIIC, NISR, ISR)

We undertake Insulation and Impact isolation for floor-ceiling test using tapping machine to assess AIIC, NISR, ISR levels according to ASTM and ISO standards.

Speech Privacy Assessments

We undertake measurements and analysis to quantify Articulation Index (AI) and to evaluate speech privacy in critical spaces in buildings such as open-plan spaces, reception area etc. We also model the spaces to predict Speech Transmission Index (STI), RT, Clarity (C50, C80)

Studio/ Auditorium/ Healthcare facility noise control designing

We provide design recommendation to achieve reverberation time (RT), background noise (NC/RC), and LEED requirement. We also perform room acoustic noise modeling and provide noise contour maps to show how noise propagate within the building.