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The construction and mining industry generates high noise and vibration impact due to caisson drilling, pile driving, soil compacting, usage of explosives, pneumatically powered equipment, and internal combustion engines. These activities need initial planning and specialised control mechanisms to comply with local regulatory requirements. We offer pioneering solutions to eliminate negative impact on stakeholders with our local and international experience. We provide the following services in the Construction and mining industries:

Construction and Mining Site Noise Impact Assessments

Construction and Mining Site Noise Impact Assessments

We provide initial noise and vibration assessments for Construction and Mining projects at the proposal stage to confirm the suitability of the proposed site and identify negative impact and provide recommendations to minimize the effect. Historical measurement data or manufactures data are used to predict the noise propagation at the vicinity of the site. Noise contour maps are produced using modeling software.

Blasting Noise and Vibration Analysis

We provide noise and vibration measurements, analysis and recommendations to control the adverse impact.

Construction Noise Management Plans

We provide a management plan to control noise and vibrational impact during the construction period. Considering sensitive structures and places around the project site, vehicular traffic due to project, construction equipment usage, We propose how to achieve the regulatory requirements without obstructing the project continuation.

Long-Term Noise and Vibration Monitoring

We provide long term remote noise and vibration monitoring at sensitive receptors, project perimeter, etc., with real-time monitoring. Long -term monitoring helps to minimize possible damage to adjacent property or sensitive receptors ensuring continuous operation of the project.