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We provide the highly specialized guide you need to assess impact, meet and exceed the regulatory requirement. Assessing noise and vibration requires understanding land use, receptors, the existing environment, how sound and vibration propagates, practical mitigation and management options, and effective ways to communicate with the public and stakeholders. As experts in the environmental noise and vibration field, we can offer insight into how noise and vibration can cause annoyance, sleep disturbance, interference with speech communication. Our services in environmental noise and vibration services include:

Community Noise Surveys

Baseline Noise & Vibration Services

Community Noise Surveys

Noise Measurements against CEA regulatory and municipal bylaw requirement

Weather measurements (Wind speed, direction, temperature, humidity, rain, solar radiation) to compliment long range Noise Survey

Expert Witness Testimony

Ongoing Compliance Monitoring

Comprehensive Sound Survey

Complaint Investigation and Resolution Assistance per Regulatory Requirement