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With the growing population, different industries are set up to produce different products to provide daily needs. Machinery and other operation processes of the industry generate excessive noise and vibration to the neighbouring residential areas. Employees who experience consistent prolonged exposure to high noise vibration levels in the industrial facility may cause adverse hearing and physical implication. Soudenv collaborates with industrialists, homeowners, and regulatory authorities and recommends solutions to resolve issues facing Industrialists and landowners’ problems successfully. We model industrial facilities using theoretical data and diagnostic measurement data taken in the field to assess the impact and provide mitigation options based on the prediction. We provide guidance to control interior noise and vibration levels to establish an enjoyable working environment. Our services in Industrial noise and vibration services include:

Initial Noise and vibration Impact Assessments

Initial Noise and vibration Impact Assessments

We provide initial noise and vibration assessments for industrial projects at the proposal stage to confirm the suitability of the proposed site. Historical measurement data or manufactures data are used to predict the noise propagation at the vicinity of the project site. Noise contour maps are produced using modeling software.

Noise modeling & Plant and vicinity Contour Maps

We provide noise contour maps in the vicinity of the industrial site using noise measurements at the site and recommend necessary noise control measures to achieve permissible noise level at the perimeter.

Machinery Noise and Vibration analysis

We provide machinery noise and vibration analysis to identify faulty running machinery and give recommendations to fix unnecessary breakdowns.

Occupational Noise Exposure and Noise Mapping

We provide services to understand and navigate occupational noise exposure regulations, evaluate and avoid hazardous occupational noise exposure challenges through detailed assessments, modeling and mapping of the facility noise.