Odeon is the most comprehensive modeling software for room acoustics. Odeon software is used for simulating and measuring the interior acoustics of buildings. Using 3D models and adding required materials (surface properties), the interior acoustics can be predicted. Odeon provides highly accurate results, and it includes very useful features like listening to the acoustic of 3D computer models with the Auralisation option. This software can be utilized to model interior acoustics for the proposed projects as well as the existing building. Performing room acoustics measurements in the existing buildings using ODEON software, building spaces can be retrofitted for new acoustic quality targets. This software has the facility to visualize the sound system distribution in the performance spaces and can provide recommendations on how to cover the entire audience area. The areas such as shopping malls, concert halls, Auditoriums, Classrooms, Theaters, Meeting rooms, Restaurants, Industrial Plants (in/out), Railway Stations, Worship Places, Open Plan Offices, Urban Spaces, etc., can be modeled using this software.

Soundenv, pleased to inform you of the availability of the ODEON software for our analysis and required room acoustics measurements in Sri Lanka. Using this facility, we can provide an optimum solution to our clients to meet their requirements in their budget. We have provided acoustical consultancy using ODEON software for the project, such as Kalaniya University Auditorium, Rajarata University Auditorium, and John De Silva Theater Renovation, etc., to meet the acoustical requirements of the project.

Sound Pressure Level (SPL) distribution in the auditorium

Speaker sound distribution in the auditorium

Speaker sound distribution in the auditorium

3D Billard Sound path visualization Tool

Sound Pressure Level Distribution

Reverberation time (T30) Distribution